Summer has ended. Did you enjoy it? We did. A few us spent a few days on Jersey Shore. Not where you suspect. No, the quieter, well sort of quieter - a lot of our Canadian neighbors like the place -  southern end. Others were up there in Maine. Others just stayed around: DC Metro, NewYork, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, etc. Now, we all are now back.

You may have realized that AroniSoft LLC  has now two investment products sold in Apple®'s App Store. The coolest AroniSmartInvestMobile™, for a mobile savvy investors, who cannot part with their iPad®.

Then theres is the familiar workhorse, AroniSmartInvest™.

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In the  upcoming months we will be following  a few of  high performing stocks identified by AroniSmartInvest™.   Let us give you a hint: as we write, three stocks appear promising:

Now that  Summer is over, harness the power of AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™.

Time to make some money with the help AroniSmartInvest and AroniSmartInvestMobile.

AroniSmartInvest™  Team.