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  • NASDAQ: AKAM: Akamai Technologies, Inc. Provides content technologies and cloud services. In August, we highlighted its recent aligment with Verimatrix, specialized securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe. In the first week of December 2012, Akamai Technologies Inc. increased 6 percent to $38.82 per share after concluding a deal to provide AT&T ’s business customers with content-delivery services.

  • NASDAQ: PDFS: PDF Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of yield improvement technologies and services for the IC manufacturing process life cycle. Since reporting its second quarter earnings in August 2012, its stock has been trending up. AroniSmartInvest™ had already put it on the radar in August 2012. In the last 52 weeks, its price per share went from $3.45 to $14.28, almost four times. As we predicted in August, expect continued growth as the US manufacturing continues to pick up.

  • NASDAQ: TRMB: Trimble Navigation Limited provides positioning, wireless, and software technology solutions. Trimble Navigation has been trading upward, at premium. The premium price may be related to its strengths in revenue, earning per share and comfortable cash flow. AroniSmartInvest™ has selected it as a stock to watch for trending up.

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