Following a rocky start, the US stock market has been picking up momentum lately, despite lingering challenging uncertainties.   First, there are the known persistent weaknesses in the international oil markets, the slowing Chinese economy, and  the never ending Middle East wars. Second, the once promising developing economies, such as Argentina, Brasil, and South Africa continue to show serious shortcoming and those dependent on oil have deteriorated as oil prices plummeted. These include Venezuela, Angola, Saoud Arabia, and Nigeria.

Federal Reserve Bank decisions and focus on interest rates and banking regulations appear to have been sending both positive vibes and worries in the markets.  The job market continues to improve and the feared recession in European economies did not materialize, as predicted. Given these challenges and opportunities, AroniSmartInvest™ In Action  has  picked the following stocks and put them on the watchlist. These are stocks that have gained momentum in the last three months, despite the market turmoil:

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