The investment case study illustrated with AronInvest over April 2011 was an example of many solutions offered to investors by AroniSoft LLC strategic analytics.

Now that we have given a flavor of what AronInvest may bring to the average investor, it may be the appropriate time to look at other competing solutions. What other options are out there? We will start with the powerhouse technology Solutions for Strategic Analytics: SAS®.

SAS has been around in the financial industry for many many years. 34 years according to their claims.  It has basically dominated the market for Statistical and Datamining Analytical solutions for years. It is an undisputed leader. SAS application areas are so broad that a sole blog may not cover. SAS is so powerful that national and local SAS® users groups cover North America and other continents. SAS has ceated a culture for itself.

Today's article focuses on SAS capabilities in in financial solutions. SAS calls it Financial Services (see here for SAS Financial Services). When you look at it though, the SAS Financial Services really focus on Banking and Customer Relationship Management. SAS Financial Services cover four areas:

But when one looks closely, the focus is on risk management, whether evaluating customer for a bank loan or looking a the overall firm risk.  Hence, one can say that when it comes to providing Financial Solutions, SAS has chosen the Risk Management niche.

The Risk Management niche of SAS may be compared to the Investment solutions offered by AronInvest.  If one needs to evaluate risk of individuals or companies, then SAS Financial Solutions may be the right tool. But if one needs a solution  truly suited for investors who want to select the promising stocks as easily and efficiently as possible, the AronInvest may be the right choice.

In the next article we will look at another strategic analytics tool.