AroniSoft - Perrigo Tag Thu, 12 Dec 2019 20:14:46 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb AroniSmartInvest superior performance; holds its position on CPSI, HANS, SM, CERN, LVS, MRX, THOR

The stocks selected  were/are in three segments identified with AroniSmartInvest™ quantitative analytical tools:

  • Low price per sales  with low earning per share, both current and expected, and low PEG ratio:  These include Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN),  Las Vegas Sands Corporation (NYSE: LVS), Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation (NYSE: MRX) and Thoratec Corporation (NASDAQ: THOR).

  • High price per sales  with low earning per share, but low PEG ratio. These include Perrigo Company (NASDAQ: PRGO),  TransDigm Group Incorporated (NYSE:TDG).

  • High price per sales with moderate current earning per share, high projected earning per share and PEG ratio: Computer Programs & Systems, Inc (NASADAQ: CPSI)Hansen Natural Corporation (NASDAQ: HANS) ,  SM Energy (NYSE: SM).

Not only these stocks remain on the  AroniSmartInvest™ preferred list for September 2011, but also the analysis performed by AroniSmartInvest™ on September 14, 2011 continues to rank these stocks higher. Hence the position remains.

Let us look at how these stocks performed over the 10 days.

First , when the stocks were selected,  all major indices were in free fall, the DJI index having declined by more than 4% in the previous two days. Since then, the DJI continued its slide before recovering a bit. As of September 14, DJI is at the level of September 4, 2011. A 0% change, i.e. no change.

Now here is how the stocks selected by AroniSmartInvest™ have changed from September 4, 2011 to September 14, 2011:

  • CERN:  7% increase

  • MRX: 0%

  • LVS : 6%

  • THOR: -3%

  • PRGO :  2%

  • TDG :  0%

  • CPSI :  7%

  • HANS :  7%

  • SM : 3%

Another superior performance by AroniSmartInvest™.

AroniSmartInvest does not own of the stocks analyzed  listed here.

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